There are many activities that will be conducted at Gatikallu Homestay that are listed below. White water rafting and Flying fox charges extra as it is not included in any of our Packages.


Enjoy the chilly enchanting evening with friends in the warmth of a crackling bonfire in the backdrop of the Western Ghats fostering great conversations and a jolly good time.

Light music

Arrangement for light music are made under short notice for groups to aid in fun time of personal expression and social connection.

Stream Walk

Take a relaxing walk to soak in the gurgling stream, tweeting birds and a canopy of trees with escaping rays of sun beams.

River Rafting

An inflatable boat navigating through a river under varying degrees of bumps fostering team work coupled with an unusual experience.

4×4 Nearby Drives

Easy arrangement of Jeep to ancient temple, King Ballalaraya Fort, Balarayanadurga, Rani Gudda, Sunset point, Durgadabbi and more.

Cricket & Volleyball

We have vast space and stock of various out door game paraphernalia to ensure you get to play your favourite outdoor game.

Burma bridge

A activity involving the participant to walk on a rope to cross a pathway or a water body, it challenges their sense of balance and ability to keep calm under pressure.

Pre zip ladder

A zip consists of a suspended cable along a slope with a pulley that zips down propelled by gravity that provides a heart throbbing experience.


Flow along the still waters by navigating at peace through a Kayak to experience and absorb nature’s serenity

ATV Rides

Conquer flat, hilly, loose gravelled terrain through to zip through a specially designed obstacle course

Water Falls

We know both the stunning and popular water falls nearby, it is sure to make your memorable stay even more memorable

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